In the crisp, clean ...

..air of the Northern Cape, far away from major hubs – lies the vineyards of our producers that supply Landzicht with high-quality wine grapes.

These vineyards are rooted in soil rich with lime and given life from the mighty Orange river – the perfect conditions for cultivating top quality wines.

Although Landzicht cellar is not located in the traditional wine region of South Africa, the unique area, the climate and a passionate, dedicated team make Landzicht wines.

Landzicht is proud to be built on the foundation of one of South Africa’s most innovative agricultural businesses – GWK.

GWK offers producers a wide range of services starting with inputs on the farm to processing and storage, international and national trading to the market and everything in between. This is the cornerstone for our cellar’s continued success in producing sustainable wines. For more information about GWK visit

This foundation enables Landzicht to use modern equipment that ensures efficient and accurate quality control from when grapes are delivered and processed, and throughout the unique process for each of our wines and spirits. With meticulous detail and constant monitoring, our wines are cared for by a team of expert employees, producers and winemakers.