Something Classy

Artboard 15
A truly expressive example of the cultivar’s versatility. Selected by our winemakers, with a nose of white asparagus and subtle hints of tropical fruit. The palate is juicy and full with a crisp and balanced acidity that carries the wine to a long and elegant finish.
Artboard 16
Our selection of the finest Chenin Blanc grapes, along with guava and lemony flavours, will make you enjoy this wine on all occasions. Perfect to servewith chicken, fish or spicy food.
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A well-balanced, medium-bodied wine to enhance the taste of your meal of beef, lamb or
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Matured for 14 months, this wine was made from specially selected Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, grown in the unique climate and soil of the Northern Cape.
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Rich plum and berry flavours with well-balanced mocha soft ripe tannins complimented by a spice oak character and a lingering aftertaste
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Try our Merlot and Reserve Merlot for rich plum and berry flavours with well-balanced mocha, complimented by a spicy oak character.
Artboard 19
This winemakers reserve is deep in colour, has a tight and firm structure with an integrated acidity. The palate is filled with rich and dark fruit flavours with a whiff of vanilla to complete its fullness. On the nose, an abundance of fruit, molasses and subtle spice.